Welcome to Wake Forest’s Go Link service

Do long web addresses make you sad? Are URLs with too many slashes getting you down?

I can hear you now: “I’m hip, I’m Web 4.1, and I’m ready to use my favorite social media tool. But going to bit.ly or tinyurl to shorten that URL just saps all my school spirit.”

Well, never fear, there’s now an official Demon Deacon way to do URL shortening: “Go Links”

Want to shorten a Wake Forest URL?

Simply copy the URL, come back here and log in, then paste in your URL in the Basic field and hit “Make it Short.” Bingo, you have a short URL that Mother So Dear can be proud of, such as https://go.wfu.edu/58p.

What if my URL relationship is more like “It’s complicated?”

“Yeah, I’m often sharing stories from Goatscaping Illustrated about Wake Forest. There’s no way this magic tool can give them the WFU URL treatment, too, is there?”

Is that it?

“No, look, all your yackety yack is well and good, but I don’t want to share some goofy URL with sf94k in it. I want all my short URLs to have my name in it followed by the number of Cheez Doodles I had for breakfast that morning.”

Well, OK, whatever you want. When you log in, you’ll see a “Custom Alias” field. Paste in your long URL in the top field, then use the bottom field to add your custom alias, like https://go.wfu.edu/dinosaureatsmanonquadinsnow and hit “Make it short.” Your custom URL will be reviewed and you’ll get an e-mail letting you know if it’s been approved.

Hope that helps satisfy all the URL desires you didn’t even know you had until you heard about this tool.

Now go log in and have some fun.

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